The Toronto Sun

November 18, 2019

Colin and Justin meet the young Torontonian ‘Goodfella’, poised, as they see it, to become the ‘Godfather’ of
Canadian crime fiction…

The London Free Press

November 18, 2019

Do condos and crime go together? Well, for one Canadian writer, a downtown apartment provided the perfect
retreat to write his first novel.

Where the Reader Grows

September 30, 2019

It’s usually when you feel like you have it all that it all threatens to come crashing down. That’s what happens to
Stefano Caruso when his steadfast morals and strict work ethic have earned him the top spot at the corporation
his father and grandfather built.

The Reading Frenzy

September 23, 2019

Is there anything that catches your eye more than seeing "mafia thriller" on a book description, to me it's like
reader catnip so I'm so pleased to be a part of Smith Publicity's blog tour featuring Sean Rea's crime thriller The
Don of Siracusa. Smith is also sponsoring a giveaway details below!

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