Local businesses are what keeps this community so strong.
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Local businesses are what keeps this community so strong.

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Local businesses are what keeps this community so strong.

The foundation of a sustainable local economy is one that has a strong culture of buying locally. Locally owned businesses build strong communities, create more jobs locally and contribute to local causes. We are committed to supporting local businesses. Here are a few benefits of supporting local.


Health Benefits?
In some cases, shopping local can actually have health benefits. By choosing to shop for produce locally you have more options to choose organic farms that do not use the chemicals that harm your body.


Investing in the Community

Studies have shown that for every $100 spent locally, $68 stays within the community. Many local businesses often have an incentive to support other local businesses. For example, a local family-run restaurant may source their ingredients from a local farm or market.


Know the People Behind the Products!
When you personally know the people behind the products and services, there is a connection you would otherwise not have. As a community, you are able to watch a business grow and know that you helped the business thrive.  That personal investment does not make the same impact when supporting franchise or corporate businesses.


Give your Community Flavour

Popular local businesses offer a unique quality to each town. As they provide goods and/or services that are not offered to the masses, customers feel exclusive in their experience with that business. For example, the pizza shop on the corner that makes the pizza you grew up with, cannot be found anywhere else but in that location. This niche gives the community its flair.



Better Customer Service!
We all know customer service in a large corporation is a hit or a miss (usually a miss). When you shop local, chances are the owner works closely with every employee meaning your problem will be taken seriously. Local business owners are passionate and want to continue to build a good relationship with their customers.


Personalized Service
Local business owners are able to personalize your experience by listening to your requests and needs on a personal basis. Local owners can cater their supply to exactly what the community is asking for in turn making each transaction more personal.

Buying local is more than just convenient. By supporting local businesses, you get a better level of service, you make your community a more vibrant place to live, and allows you to have options that other places may not have.